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Spa Hygiene

The Pure Escape maintains the strictest standards of spa hygiene which are supervised by the onsite owner and manager.

-Autoclaves sterilize all metal instruments

-The sealed sterilization bags are only opened in front of the client

-Medical grade spray disinfectant that kills all viruses including HIV, and hepatitis is used on all hard surfaces.

-The pedicure tubs are pipeless and provide no hidden places for bacteria to hide.

-The credo blade and foot files have been replaced by the most advanced hygienic foot care buffing system.

-When there is a need the operator will wear a medical mask or a latex glove

-Physicians exam table paper is used to cover the wax beds

-All mixing bowls are non porous to prevent bacteria growth

-A special protocol is in place to deal with clients suffering from warts or fungus.