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Insurance Coverage

We Direct Bill to 22 different insurance companies!

We have 16 registered massage therapists on staff, let us do the paperwork for you, no hassle. We direct bill to the following insurance companies:

Blue Cross

Blue Cross National

Blue Cross Veterans Affairs

Blue Cross RCMP

Great West Life

Chamber of Commerce

Maximum Benefit

Johnston Group Inc.

Johnson Inc.

Sirius Benefits

Health Source Plus

Claim Secure


Group Medical Services

Olympia Benefits





Standard Life


First Canadian


For your convenience we will gladly direct bill to all of the above insurance companies, and any other company that will allow massages to be direct billed. We will only direct bill to your primary insurance plan, the only exception to this is if your secondary provider is the same company as your first provider.

Some things to be mindful of when coming in for the first time:

-Clients are responsible for all details of their insurance plan. If your plan requires you to have a doctor’s note on file, you will need to bring an original or a photocopy of your referral before we can direct bill.

-Be sure to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment so that you can fill out your paperwork so that it doesn’t cut into your appointment time.

-We do require a valid credit card on file for billing so that if an insurance company does not compensate us the full amount that was expected we would then have a way to collect the balance owing.

-If you will be coming in without the primary insurance holder, please print off the appropriate form below along with the Assignment of Benefits form and have them sign both forms.

Claim Forms


Manitoba Blue Cross (PDF 68KB)
Great West Life Claim (PDF 116KB)
Chamber of Commerce Group  (PDF 80KB)
Coughlin  (PDF 99KB)
Group Medical Services  (PDF 56KB)
Green Shield (PDF 114KB)
Maximum Benefit (PDF 77KB)
Sirius (PDF 257KB)

*Your appointments are important to us and we are dedicated to providing great services for you. We also respectfully ask that you be there for your scheduled appointment. We require a FULL 24 hours notice if you need to change/cancel your appointment so that we are able to accommodate another client in need of the same services. Without sufficient notice all esthetic and massage therapy services are billed 50% of the appointment cost, which must be cleared up before booking any future appointments. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.*

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