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What to Expect

What to expect from your first visit

The client will be asked to fill out a brief health information form. This information is critical in determining the type of treatment the client will need. All information shared is confidential.

Treatment takes place in one of our nine private rooms, three of which are couples rooms. After a brief assessment, the therapist will give the client an overview of which areas of the body require therapy and which articles of clothing should be removed to provide treatment. At this point the client will be given about five minutes to change and lie underneath the top sheet and blanket of the massage table. Again, full privacy and professionalism is assured.

Treatment is best performed without the restriction of clothing, although, the client’s comfort is our foremost concern. If the client feels uncomfortable with the removal of any article of clothing they are encouraged to voice their concern and we will work with the situation, (the client is never expected to remove their lower undergarments, as it is not necessary in order to perform any of our treatments).

The therapist will then knock to ensure the client is ready, and the treatment will begin. The only body part exposed during the massage is the area being treated. The rest of the body is comfortably covered by the sheet and blanket. If at any time the client feels uncomfortable they are encouraged to voice their concerns.

Self massage, stretching and other remedial exercises may be recommended after your massage to reinforce the treatment. The best results are achieved when massage is implemented on a regular basis.